18 moses
Moses and Egyptian plagues 48”x38”
17 Madonna with Saint Francis
Madonna with St. Francis 28”x40”
16 rest on the way to Egypt
Rest on the way to Egypt x26″
15 St. George and a dragon
St. George fighting the dragon 32”x24”
14 Tristan and Isolde
Tristan and Isolde 26”x36″
13 wine of love
Vine of love 36”x28”
12 Knigt fighting griffons
Hagen fighting the griffons 52”x38”
11 virgin with unicorn m
Virgin and unicorn 44”x28”
10 swan lake
Swan lake 38”x20”
9 earth and paradise.w jpg
Earth and Paradise 48”x38”

8 book-of-revelation.w-jpg
Book of Revelation 48”x38”
7 way to the calvary
Way to the Calvary 48”x38”
6 medieval parade
Medieval parade 32”x52”
5 angel
Angel on the bridge 48”x40”
4 doors-to-the-sky.jpgw
Doors to the sky 36”x24”
3 lost town
Lost town 50”x38”
2 life what is it
Life what is it 48”x48”
1 mother's thoughts
Mother’s thoughts 48”x48”